I am happy to endorse Rebecca Lantz as an acupuncturist.  Rebecca was my primary acupuncturist for 6 months.  She was a great help and proved to be both skilled and intuitive.

I came to Rebecca with a lot of specific issues.  My medical doctor felt I am in good health for a 62 year old woman.  But I have experienced hot flashes and night sweats for 14 years.  A good night's sleep was something I longed for.  With Rebecca's skillful assessment, the hot flashes and night sweats became somewhat more manageable and sleep quality tremendously improved.  She really listens when you tell her how you feel.  And she is always encouraging.  She carefully would examine pulse and tongue.  It was evident she not only cares about her work, but she cares about you.  How wonderful!

Acupuncture is virtually painless.  Although there are some points that are not pleasant, and if they were the one indicated, my permission was always asked.

I am very sad to see Rebecca leave this area.  She was a wonderful health resource.  But my loss is your gain.  So enjoy better health.  And enjoy your time getting there with the help of a lovely, knowledgeable, talented, caring person.

Diane B.

When I first met Rebecca about a year and a half ago I had my first appointment with her for acupuncture. We both determined that I basically was a train wreck from all my injuries.

These were due to sports related and aging. With both total knee replacements and other related injuries she set me up on programs for post and pre op Surgery! With all she has done for me I can no longer be considered a train wreck!

Paul B.

Rebecca was awesome!  She explained the whole acupuncture process and modified my treatments as needed.  She was (is) responsible for my recovery!

M. K.

Acupuncture is one of the best things I have ever done. My doctor suggested it after several years of doctor appointments and physical therapy did nothing to help with neck and back pain that was becoming debilitating.

I was lucky enough to have my first appointment with Rebecca. She instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed and did a thorough case history. She pinpointed my needs and addressed my issues in a professional, but very personable manner. I have been with her for about a year and will miss her tremendously! She is clearly competent and makes you feel very welcomed and confident in her abilities.

My neck and back are significantly better and I have found acupuncture to be a stress reliever. I usually take a nice nap and leave feeling energized and refreshed. Acupuncture has become a consistent part of my health care regime, thanks to Rebecca.

Lee C.

Rebecca has helped me through a lot of pain, whether it was a cold, celiac disease, or just random pains.

Not only was the actual treatment great, but she treated me with kindness and respect, and often lightened my mood with her strange sense of humor. She was concerned whenever I seemed sad or upset, and knew when to be serious and when to be her usual smiling self.

Roman Z.

I have been treated for over one and a half years for a variety of concerns, both physical and emotional. As a nurse, my aging body takes a beating with long shifts on my feet. Your gentleness and assessments relieved my many aches and pains.

I benefited when I had bone spurs, sprained wrist, pulled back muscles, and head colds treated by you. Generally after a few short treatments, I could return to work feeling healthier. Also, as a nurse, my stress levels were definitely reduced and I was better able to enjoy my days with a happier attitude. I firmly believe that my frequent visits helped me to be mentally healthy and ready to face each day with confidence.

Your gentle techniques in applying the very thin needles made each visit almost pain free. Your professionalism always alerted me if an area was going to be more sensitive. That diminished very quickly.

Jeannine L.

Rebecca is a gifted acupuncturist.  She treated me for grief after the unexpected death of my son.

Initially, my issues were overwhelming fatigue and a profound heaviness in my heart. Well-placed needles helped release the energy blockages contributing to these physical symptoms. Rebecca's compassion and caring nature helped me to heal mentally, too. Consistent acupuncture treatments were the most beneficial way I coped and healed after this traumatic loss.

I highly recommend Rebecca's proficiency to decide a treatment plan that will heal your body, mind, and spirit. The good people of Atlanta are truly blessed to have such a skillful provider come to your area.

Jean C.

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