I am happy to endorse Rebecca Lantz as an acupuncturist.  Rebecca was my primary acupuncturist for 6 months.  She was a great help and proved to be both skilled and intuitive.

I came to Rebecca with a lot of specific issues.  My medical doctor felt I am in good health for a 62 year old woman.  But I have experienced hot flashes and night sweats for 14 years.  A good night's sleep was something I longed for.  With Rebecca's skillful assessment, the hot flashes and night sweats became somewhat more manageable and sleep quality tremendously improved.  She really listens when you tell her how you feel.  And she is always encouraging.  She carefully would examine pulse and tongue.  It was evident she not only cares about her work, but she cares about you.  How wonderful!

Acupuncture is virtually painless.  Although there are some points that are not pleasant, and if they were the one indicated, my permission was always asked.

I am very sad to see Rebecca leave this area.  She was a wonderful health resource.  But my loss is your gain.  So enjoy better health.  And enjoy your time getting there with the help of a lovely, knowledgeable, talented, caring person.

Diane B.